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At Bording Group we believe it is the knowledge and insights into our customers and their market as well as our ability to activate this in our work, that creates value. We are respectful, we are ambitious and deliver on our commitments because we know our customers and understand their needs.
A community of specialists

Every single day Bording Group team members work corporations across the Nordics. Corporations that are ambitious, dynamic and who expects only the best from our offerings and service. And things are moving quickly. Technology shapes and reshapes consumer habits at an unprecedented speed. Separating yourself in such a market place often requires new ways of doings things. Bording Group believes in integrated marketing, where marketing, technology and consulting is combined to achieve results.

Markets are impacted by increasing pace and complexity, making it even more important to join forces and collaborate and learn from each other. This is reflected in our Group mission:

“Bording Group combines marketing, technology and consulting, with the purpose of improving companies commercial competitiveness. We want to be the partner with the deepest understanding of our customers – Together we create new opportunities.”

In a market under constant change, corporations need both specialized, interdisciplinary and new competencies from their partners. Bording Group companies assume different roles depending on our customer’s needs, organization and scope. It is our goal to deliver expertise on all levels – strategic, tactic and operational. Bording Group is a community of companies that are stronger together. Through close collaboration with our customers and each other we develop and create resilient companies that develop long term relations with our customers.

That’s why we say. Bording Group. Together Tomorrow.


Bording Group combines marketing, technology and consulting, with the purpose of improving companies commercial competitiveness. We want to be the partner with the deepest understanding of our customers. Together we create new opportunities.
The Management

CEO, Bording Group

Bernt Therp
The Board


Raimo Daniel Issal


Jeannett Thinghuss


Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen


Nanna Tine Winther Balleby


Hans Therp


Henrik Baadsager Pedersen

Bording Group has existed since 1792, where Mathias Seest opened his small one-man printing house in the heart of Copenhagen. Today, we are one international Group with a strong market position in Scandinavia, with over 400 employees, and yearly revenues of about 650 mil. dkk. 


Bording AB and Bording Instore AB merge to form Bording Sweden AB. Bording sells its shares in MailIT AB.


F.E. Bording relaunches as Bording Group. Bording A/S, Bording Instore A/S, and Bording Pro A/S merge to form Bording Denmark A/S. Bording Data A/S changes its name to Fiftytwo A/S.


RelationshusetGekko merges with marketing tech agency Increase, creating Nordli∂.


Hep Kommunikation agency merges into Bording Pro A/S. Bording Cognito sells its graphics activities in Norway. Bording Logistik merges with Bording A/S.


Jysk Formular Print A/S changes its name to Bording Link. Bording purchases shares in RelationshusetGekko ApS. Bording takes over Formula A/S sales organisation and parts of its specialised production. NP-Tryck AB and Halmstad Tryckeri AB merge to form Bording InStore. Beginning 1 January, Cognito and Bording AS in Norway merge into a single company: Bording Cognito.


Bording purchases shares of Cognito A/S, a Norwegian CRM agency. Bording increases its ownership in Jysk Formular Print, from 92% to 100%.


Bording purchases NP-Tryck AB in Helsingborg.

2008 – 2011

Bording expands its network through acquisitions. To that end, Bording purchases shares in Prografica A/S, MailIT AB in Stockholm, Graphic Source A/S, Jysk Formular Print, Halmstad Tryckeri AB, 2Trace A/S, an RFID company, is listed on Dansk AMP (a Danish stock exchange). Bording splits its logistics activities off as Bording Logistik A/S


F.E. Bording acquires Multitryck, a Swedish organisation, in 2006. The acquisition of Multitryck increases Bording's direct mail market share in Sweden. In 2007, Bording Vista Ltd. is formed as a joint venture between Bording Data A/S and TechnoVista, in Bangladesh.


On 1 September, Beyer-Hecos AS changes its name to Bording AS.

1999 – 2001

Divisions for beer and water label production sold. Bording purchases shares of Norwegian printer Beyer-Hecos AS, Klimax Etikettering A/S, the Swedish business Götene Ekonomitryck, and Bonde's & Dyva Grafisk A/S, among the largest printers in the advertising and annual report markets, etc. Bording launches its first internet-based order portal, BordingNet.


Bording acquires Purup Graphic, which three years later will be merged with Bording Formulartryk. The new company, Bording Purup A/S, is four times as large as the country's second-largest form/survey supplier.


Logatron and Kontor Automation merge under the name Bording Data. Focus shifts to software sales and development.


Hans Therp becomes majority shareholder; share capital is expanded with bonus shares, new issue, and employee shares. Heavy investment in new businesses, products, production equipment, and development of new electronic data processing software.


The first VIKING POS system from Logatron A/S is installed in the first customer location.


CEO J. Vitus Nielsen continues activities in Denmark. The organisation's interests now run from book and offset printing to advanced forms, carbon, and envelopes for computers, as well as an electronic data processing service agency.


United Breweries and Den Danske Bank take over F.E. Bording A/S, with A.W. Nielsen as CEO. In the middle of this period, the company employs 1490 employees and has a turnover of 242 million DKK. Production moves from Nørrebro to Odder.


Minicomputers are introduced at Kontor Automation under the Singer name. Logatron A/S is founded. In 10 years, Bording becomes the Danish leader in minicomputers.


Hans Bording carries on the business. In 1962, the company is listed on the stock exchange. In 1972, Dansk Formulartryk A/S is founded.


Computing company Kontor Automation, selling punched tape machines, is founded to ensure a future in a 'paperless society'. It sells advanced typing machines. These machines pave the way for IT in Danish businesses.


Sons Hans and Ole Bording take over as managers. The company expands.


His widow, Ellen, continues the printing business. Property at Meinungsgade 6-8 purchased.


F.E. Bording's nephew, Victor Pedersen, takes the Bording surname and continues his uncle's life's work. Focus shifts to commercial printing jobs. Label printing and a paper division started in 1886.


F.E. Bording is founded. The Danish Constitution of 1849 puts an end to censorship, and printing of literary books resumes. The business is expanded to include lithography. The company is healthy and well-consolidated.


Marianne and her son, Frederik Emanuel Bording (F.E. Bording) disagree strongly on how the business should be run. After nine years, they stop working together, as a "privilege to operate as a printer" becomes vacant — allowing Frederik Emanuel to start his own business!


His widow, Marianne, continues running the mortgaged printing business. It specialises in dream books, novels about robbers, and light fiction.


Seest's nephew Carl Adolph Bording takes over the printing business, but is forced to work in a side job as an auctioneer until his death at age 37.


Mathias Seest acquires "citizenship as a printer of books". Beginning with literary and scientific works, he later shifts to broadside ballads on account of the censorship introduced following the French Revolution.

The Bording Group takes its social responsibility seriously. Consequently, we are members of the UN’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, the Global Compact. As a member, we commit to upholding 10 principles dealing with human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption.

The principles are based on internationally recognised conventions on human rights, worker’s rights, the environment and anti-corruption – and by following these principles, the Bording Group assumes its social responsibility both on a local and national level in the markets where we operate.

We became a member in 2009, and since then we have presented annual reports on our work with CSR in our progress reports, Communication on Progress, which you can find in the box to the right. This report is published each year at the same time as our annual report.

CSR on two continents
Corporate social responsibility covers all of the activities that a company voluntarily engages in and which go beyond legal or other regulatory requirements.

As the Bording Group has companies operating in both Scandinavia and Bangladesh, the economic, cultural and market conditions are very different in the areas in which we operate – and this has resulted in our companies focusing on different areas of CSR depending on where they are based.

We focus on people and the environment
While the companies in Scandinavia mainly focus on the environment, the company in Bangladesh focuses on human rights, working conditions and anti-corruption.

As part of our work promoting children’s rights, for example, Bording Vista has prepared educational materials for schools in Bangladesh. The materials are freely available to all, and you can also benefit from taking a look by clicking on he titles in the box to the right.

The Bording Group companies are getting involved
In the Bording Group, every company can choose which activities they want to get involved in – as long as they comply with the Global Compact and our Code of Conduct.

We prioritise credibility over revenue
Our goal is to be guided by the highest ethical standards. We value transparency, credibility and honesty over short-term profits, and we expect the same from our suppliers and partners.

Therefore, Bording Group has prepared ethical guidelines and a Code of Conduct for our management, employees, customers, suppliers and other partners that concern our behaviour and values in the Bording Group.


Code of Conduct

The Bording Group Code of Conduct ensures that all the parties that are involved in our operations are on the same page. We comply with our ethical guidelines and we also expect our suppliers and business partners to do so.

Our ethical guidelines are based on people, the environment and anti-corruption. We have zero tolerance for child labour or the suppression of minorities, we believe in freedom of speech and freedom of association and we do not work with companies that do not recognise the right to collective bargaining.

We have committed ourselves to developing environmentally friendly products in order to reduce our environmental footprint, and as far as possible, we work with suppliers who have the relevant certifications. The Bording Group will under no circumstances accept blackmail or bribery, and we are active in the fight against corruption whenever we encounter it. This applies both to our companies in Scandinavia as well as our company in Bangladesh.

If an employee or other stakeholder experiences behaviour that is incompatible with the Bording Group’s ethical guidelines, we would like to strongly encourage them to contact us via info@bordinggroup.com

Read the full guidelines here (text in Danish)


As an old printing company, Bording has worked with environmental policy and sustainability early on.

Read the full policy here (text in Danish)

COP reports